Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brotherly Love

Did anyone particularly like the dialogue between Trey and Seth when "new" Trey gets out of jail? You know because it's a different Trey than the one that stole the camero with Ryan in first season. Anyway, I found it fascinating how Trey reacts to Seth's ramblings when he thinks it's Ryan he's talking to in the pool house. "Monosyllables, must be an Atwood thing."

Next, I'd like to list Trey's attempts at brotherly love:

-stolen watch (debatable)-I love watching Trey wad up and throw the receipt at Ry!
-crystal egg (from Risky Business)-stolen from the non yard-charity auction
-drug deal (with Jess)-at the Bait Shop that ended with gunfire
-trying to rape Marissa
-almost killing Ryan
-lying about who shot him to the DA (after being bribed by Julie)

These are all major offenses, however, could it be that Trey resumed his old ways after he knew he would never gain the trust of his bro? Like when Ryan does accuse him of shoplifting the watch. Or could we just blame all this on Jess? She is something of an instigator.

Either way, I still <3 Trey!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

a post - oc record?

here's some mainstream news for a change. the outrageously popular series "twilight" is appearing on the big screen. the first installment will come out on december 12th 2008 and guess what! there are three OC characters appearing in this film.

nikki reed - (aka SADIE HARPER) will be playing a vampire sister of edward cullen
cam gigandet - (aka KEVIN VOLCHOK) will be playing the evil vampire, James.
jackson rathbone - (aka JUSTSIN) will be playing jasper, another member of hot ass edward cullen's family.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

character alignments - in progress

i am now going to speculate on the character alignments of the OC chars based on the D20 (dungeons and dragons) rule system. if you disagree, feel free to chime in with your opinion!

Sandy Cohen - neutral good
i used to think sandy cohen was a piece of cake. he is a lawyer. of course he's lawful good. but the more i got to know sandy and the more i got to know the alignments, i realized that he is neutral good. he is not close minded as a result of being lawful. he could go either way. sandy is always looking at situations from EVERY angle and does the best that he can. he forgave his son for smoking a joint and accidentally burning down his office. he forgave kirsten for driving drunk. i have a hard time believing that someone who is lawful good would find it so easy to move on after those situations. therefore, i conclude that sandy cohen is neutral good. feel free to dispute this.

Ryan Atwood - chaotic neutral
this one is pretty obvious. characters of the chaotic neutral alignment are generally people who follow their own heart, with a disregard to rules and traditions. they do not enjoy seeing other people get hurt. this epidomizes his constant need to "rescue" those in need. how many times has ryan stood up for marissa by punching someone in the face? too many to count. therefore, i conclude that ryan atwood is chaotic neutral. feel free to dispute this.

to be continued...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mermaid Inn-seedy underbelly or gateway to drama?


I wish I was a mermaid,

And was friends with all the fish.

A shiny tail and sea shells,

That would be my wish.

Is anyone even the slightest bit curious why such a ritzy place like Newport has no 5-star hotel/resort accomidations? I mean I suppose you don't really need to "travel" to your own town of residence, especially when you could jetset to Cabo or TJ for the weekend. Or have more bathrooms than toes! That last bit is not so much implied, but only because they don't need to use/ever mention bathrooms! However the scandal that seems to surround it, like in the episode with Julie's former fling Lance reveals her contribution to the porn industry, would lose it's allure in the Presidential Suite of the Ritz Carlton.

Orange County=no need for bathrooms!

Marissa Cooper - is it intentional?

for god's sake, girl, are you serious? let's take a look at all the guys who fell in love with her in those precious first three seasons:

*luke (well, we don't see it happening, but it is implied)
*oliver (ugh)
*Matt Ramsey (that's arguable)
*fuckin' Johnny Surfboard Harper

i know , i know ... she can't help that they fell in love with her...

but can she?
i mean, can't you see she's just begging for it?

i mean JOHNNY!
"oh! i wonder if johnny would like this christmas tree"

alright, i just had to get that off my chest.

come on marissa,
ryan is HOT
dont talk to anyone else. please.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bagels-Breakfast of Champions!

I like to keep bagels in the house. Just in case Sandy Cohen sleeps over, and in the morning wants to "Shmear" it for me!

Like in that episode in fourth seas, where Ryan is fantasizing about Taylor. The camera then shows him in a wonky daze as Kirsten and Sandy are there staring at him in the Cohen kitchen. Sandy echoes to him, "I already Shmeared it for you!"

I love how Sandy takes so much pride in the art of spreading cream cheese!

Monday, July 7, 2008

does time run differently in the OC?

In the second season, Julie Cooper is blackmailed by a sleazy ex boyfriend, Lance, who waves an old VHS tape in her face. The cover shows a "young"Julie with a bandage over her head and a dazed look in her eye. The title is "The Porn Identity". What I dont understand is, if Julie was sooooo young when she dated Lance and made the porno (it had to be before she turned eighteen because that was how old she was when Jimmy Cooper knocked her up and consequently married her) how is it called the Porn Identity??? It is supposed to be a parody of the original The Bourne Identity - but that didnt come out until 1988! If Marrissa is 16 in 2002 (first season) that means she was born in 1986. So was Julie dating Lance and shooting pornography with a two year old Marrissa at home? DOUBT IT!

And I'm not even going to get into how quickly Kaitlin grows up at boarding school.